a rainy day

the weather has been fitting for this day. it's friday night and i'm cozy at home listening to the rain fall heavy on the roof, with zola (our cat) by my side. it's good to relax now because there was no relaxing earlier today.

it was a tough, emotional day at work. one of my kids spent time in jail and in court this week (it seems some of my kids are always in serious trouble), and finally made it back to school only to tell me about the things that he did to get him in jail. he committed some serious crimes. that was depressing to find out. but, then, another one of my kids ended up running out of the school to get away from the school police officer and principal. since he's my kid, i had to get involved. i ended up chasing him around the school, running up and down halls. it ended with him being arrested and taken to jail. i usually don't witness what happens to my kids, but today i was right there for it all. and i couldn't hold back my emotions. it was so hard to see one of my students, who i have worked with so much, be taken off to jail in handcuffs. my heart was breaking. it still is. i wonder where he is right now as i am cozy in my home... i had a lot of paperwork to complete after that, classes to teach, other students to counsel, and then a meeting to lead before it was finally the end of this dreadful day.

my amazing wife called and texted me some throughout the day and evening, which helped to give me strength. it's so calming to hear her voice. and while it would have been a great day to be able to come home to her, she gave me so much peace and love just by contacting me. thank you so much, baby.

tonight it's been a little acc tournament basketball on tv and some junk food. yep. tomorrow i'm having a girl's day with j, and we're headed to IKEA for a little shopping! oh yeah. she's never been, so i'm gonna be the swedish tour guide. can't wait! and daylight saving time (summer time) begins tomorrow night/sunday morning. i'm looking forward to having it stay lighter in the evenings. although, it's always crazy to change times in the states when europe doesn't change time for another 2 weeks. my love and i get all screwed up when it's 5 hours difference between us instead of 6. still...this is one step closer to summer! and i'm really dreaming of summer with my love today.

anyway. i'm tired now, so i think i'm headed to bed after a long, tough day.
good night, world. i wish you peace.


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