2 december

my advent calendar
(24 days of symbols and a tiny piece of chocolate! yummy.)
and a classic christmas tv show...rudolph the red-nosed reindeer (link) that i'm watching tonight. love it.
  • had starbucks this morning (shhh...some people i care about can't get starbucks at all right now)
  • talked to my love (early) this morning and later this afternoon. (we could talk forever & never get bored. love that.)
  • celebrated that a large number of my students brought their grades up on their report card. i am so proud!
  • had a meeting on one of my kids who is in and out of jail. we are actually planning to take away some of his restrictions because his behavior is improving in some ways...yay!
  • seriously need to get some boxes tomorrow and start packing!
  • going to bed early (after rudolph, of course)
peace. g'night.

Postat av: Lina

Gaaah. STARUCKS! Love you so much. Kramar

2009-12-03 @ 07:17:56
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