she did it!

congratulations to my love, the graduate!!

today my love has completed her university education and now she is an official social worker! yay!! i am so, so proud of her and i'm really excited to see how she uses all of her gifts and talents in the future! she is an amazingly compassionate person, who will make a difference no matter what she does and where she does it. and this world is a better place because of her. so many people already have been changed and have felt loved because of her caring nature... by the way that she makes everyone feel like they are worthy, by the way she listens when anyone talks, by the way that she dedicates herself to learning, by being around her fun & friendly personality, by the way she is determined to expect the best of all people, and by the way she remains committed to equality and justice to those who feel oppressed, forgotten, and unloved. i'm so thankful that i get to share life with this amazing woman!

grattis, min älskling!

tick. tick. tick.

oh my gosh.
time is barely moving.
patience is low.
anxiety is high.
it feels like it's gonna be a long week ahead.
and there's only one thing on my mind.

celebrating my love

sometimes i am just overwhelmed. and i mean in a good way.

today my love is having a birthday party (her b-day was this past thursday) with her family in sweden. they are gathering to celebrate her, and i love that. the only problem is that i can't be with them. i can't stop thinking about her today, so here's my celebration of her... from the states.

i'm overwhelmed because i am so lucky to be married to my love. she is an amazing woman. here are just a few reasons of how she has overwhelmed me (and this is just from today!): when my ghosts appear, she listens to me, talks with me, and reassures me. she is a caring and creative hostess when throwing a party. she's the winner of a blog contest in norrkoping because of her willingness to stand up and talk about truth and equality in her every day life! she is graduating with a degree in social work from her university in about 2 weeks! she's compassionate, loving, intelligent, determined, strong, gifted, and so much more. she inspires me. and my love grows deeper every day. yep. she's my baby!! and i am the luckiest person in the world!

oh yeah. and she's gonna be with me in about two weeks!

my love, today i celebrate you, your life, and how you have changed mine! älskar dig!

8 weeks left.

i am back in the states. as ready as i'll ever be to face 8 weeks separated from my love again. it was amazing to be together and i am so thankful beyond words! but, now it's back to work  - only 2 months left in the school year. it's spring, so the weather is improving. and more than anything else, i am so in love. gonna focus on all the positives right now and get through this one last time of being apart. cannot wait to be together always! soon i'll feel home forever.