hug a tree

the conversation that started my day at school...

student: ms. mcguire, did you carpool or walk to school this morning?
me: no... (thinking this was an odd question). it's waaaaay too far for me to walk and no one lives near me. i live in waynesville.
student: well, i just thought, since you are a hippie (hihi!) and today's earth day, you would've done something to help the environment today. haha.
me: crap. you got me! well, i did wear green and blue to celebrate the earth!

pictures drawn today by students at tcr (the high school where i work)

yep. today's earth day. a great day to hug a tree, soak up the sun (unless you are in sweden where it was snowing. so sorry.), decide to recycle, work for peace, or listen to music... as i was driving home, i had my iPod on shuffle and a song perfect for earth day started to play. i immediately had memories of last summer and the day that i found out that michael jackson had died. my love and i got off a plane at the airport in copenhagen, waited for our bag (a completely different, crazy story for another time), and saw the headlines in the newspaper stating that mj had died. it was a shocking moment. so, to celebrate and honor the king of pop, my love and i listened to this song as we rode on the train. we realized how powerful the song is. and i re-discovered a new, old favorite.

you know, the earth is sacred. beautiful. and meant to be a place of peace.
we must care for it... and for each other.

sunday night

it's raining, and there's a little bit of a thunderstorm going on too making it a cozy night. i've got hgtv on and i'm watching house hunters (a show about choosing what house or apartment to buy out of three choices. love it.). gonna go to sleep pretty early tonight even though i haven't done alot today. i just feel like resting. (well, i did have a six  day work week at school - that's a lot of time with teenagers - and a few intense meetings) spent some time with my parents this afternoon. watched basketball on tv tonight. talked a little with my love at various times throughout the day. i miss her so much. just wanna be with her so badly right now.

heard a song on a commercial and i loved it. so, after a few clicks on the keyboard, i found it on youtube. it's actually one of my favorite singers from american idol last season. the song makes me think of my amazing wife and the amazing life that we have already shared, and all of the time that is just around the corner. soon, it's forever. and i'm so in love. anyway. here's the song. i love it.

friday night

it's friday night, and i'm not really in a social mood. that's not a bad thing, i'm just tired. so, i've retreated to my computer with a glass of wine by my side. i just wanna relax... well i decided to play around with my blog just to see what i could do (i really stink at changing things) and this is what's happened to it...a green background that i love! i do know how to get it back to the brown, though. but i can't figure out out to play around with my header. well, i can get it to disappear and reappear, but i have no idea how to make any changes. hehe. how do i write something new on my header? or change my picture? hmm... just playing, though.

another thing on my mind is that today is my 2 month anniversary with my love. we've been married 2 months now! love it. love it. love it! can't wait to be married and living in the same country. isn't it amazing what happens in a year? last year on this weekend, my love and i took a road trip to atlanta to see missy higgins in concert and ended up falling in love with the opening act...lenka. her music is so unique and reminds me of an amazing year with my love. in honor of this past year and of the amazing, crazy year to's a lenka favorite:


for my love...

söndag morgon musik

snowed in and listening to music. a cozy cat curled up next to me. thinking of my love. nice.

exploring new artists on spotify and itunes (thanks to recommendations from others). making playlists. love how it's making me feel.

i think it's time for coffee soon.
and i really need to/want to focus on some important paperwork at some point today.

i'm letting the music guide me today.

song up in her head

this morning as i was driving to work, i heard a song and a voice that i had never heard before. and i loved it. i came home, listened on spotify, downloaded in iTunes, and i think i've found my new favorite artist. sarah jarosz. bluegrass...mmm. perfect. it's been a while since i've listened to bluegrass, but it always makes me feel like i'm sittin' in the sun, relaxing, drinking a beer, and livin' life. it makes my soul dance and my heart smile.

it's here...♥

the new season of american idol begins tonight! love the crazy drama. love the over-the-top comments. love the undiscovered it! music music music! what will this season bring? who will be the unique individual with their own style that becomes my favorite? can't wait. having my love here to watch with me would make it perfect.

one of my previous favorites:

I believe in you

i heard a song the other night on a christmas program that i now love: jag tror pä dig, i believe in you. i wanna share it, so here it is. enjoy! even if you don't understand the swedish, just listen.
who do you believe in?

my love, i believe in you.