i'm back for advent!

yes, i've been gone from here for a month. needed a break, i think, to adjust to living on my own again. how did i do? well, it is not possible to adjust to living on your own when the one who is your home is not with you. i'm ok, though. making it through the days, living as best i can without my love right beside me. but, i can never really be used to living alone again. we may be separated by miles for a while, but she is always with me.
my november days were spent working, enjoying the thanksgiving holiday with my american family at the beach, and making plans for december. things are gonna be changing for me in the next month...
  • moving out of our apartment this weekend (lease is up)
  • moving back to lake junaluska (gonna save some money...big time. me like.)
  • gonna have a long commute to school/work every morning & afternoon again. gaaah.
  • headed to sweden in 17 days for a 2 week, very special, amazingly cozy holiday!! my heart is bursting!
  • all of this is because i am beginning a wonderful, new part of my life!
  • but...still teaching at t.c. roberson in asheville

i love this time of year. we know something is coming... we're full of anticipation, traditions both new and old, cozy nights, christmas lights everywhere, a feeling of hope and excitement. during advent we impatiently wait for the coming of christmas. we spend our time in the long, dark, winter nights longing for the bright hope that comes with the christmas season. there is a feeling that something big is gonna happen. we wait with hope. and somehow, during this time of year, even in the middle of all of the dark, we believe a little bit more that anything is possible, that we are not alone, that love really does win.

so, this advent, this countdown to christmas, i am gonna wait, anticipate, and celebrate with images. i'm not promising perfection (meaning i cannot promise to post something every day), but i want to share my advent through images in my life. images of hope, light, joy, peace, love. i want to capture and share the things i believe are possible...as we wait together.

tonight, i lit this candle in my window as a symbol of hope. even on the darkest, loneliest, hopeless nights one candle burns bright enough to offer a glimmer of light. the dark is never the end. there is always light, hope, love. always.

welcome, advent!

Postat av: Cicci

Jippie!! Glad you're back so I can read what you're up to again :)

Miss you

2009-12-04 @ 16:09:59

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