hanukkah & advent

well, it was a crappy, crappy week at school. the kids are going freakin' crazy... which leads the teachers to be crazy too. not fun to be around anyone. meetings, meetings, meetings, tests, and more tests, and more hoops to jump through because the education system in the states in far from perfect! and, i'm about to jump out of my skin waiting for my plane to take off on the 18...

but, today was saturday. yay. a day to breathe... i thought.

i took a student to a jewish synagogue (i am his mentor for his high school graduation project - he is comparing religions, and basically coming to the conclusion that there is not that big of a difference in what we all believe. if only more people could realize/learn that.) the service lasted 3 hours because it was the first day of hanukkah. we sang psalms in hebrew (ok i followed along), listened to scripture sung in hebrew (this time i read the english), and heard a sermon reminding us that when we feel success, to not let it go to our heads. perhaps part of the human problem is our desire to be successful, and then to use that power for selfish reasons, instead of ones that lead to peace, justice, and equality. today i worshipped the God of the old testament (the same one Christians worship) - who reminds us that there will be a day when all tears a dried, peace rules the land, and each person feels love, lives in justice, and has hope. so, like the jews waiting for their messiah to usher in this time of peace, we christians, spend the advent season waiting for exactly the same things. yes, during advent, i celebrated hanukkah and it fit perfectly with advent. it was amazing.

christmas concert
this afternoon, i attended the 3rd of 3 concerts at lake junaluska. the music was so good, i am sure i annoyed the poor lady in front of me who had to hear me sing along with the choir. hehe. oops.

phone calls & webcams
i had multiple opportunities to talk with my love today. i love that so much!! we're gonna be together next weekend! can't stop thinking of that.

smoke smoke smoke
earlier this evening, i was upstairs and i smelled some smoke. i went down to check it out, and what i found was terrifying! smoke had filled the whole downstairs and was on it's way upstairs. i ran around trying to close the wood stove and stop the smoke from pouring out of it. i grabbed pillows and waved them all through the air. i opened every window and door. zola was hiding under the bed. it was crazy!  but, i managed to get the smoke out after about 45 minutes. still, it was some scary moments.

think i'll head to bed now. gonna enjoy some calm, quiet moments before i get all snuggly under our cozy covers. good night. peace.


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