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i'm listening to amy grant's home for christmas album right now...one of my favorites. and i am enjoying the beginning of my christmas in sweden! yes, i am away from nc and my family there, but this year it's our turn to be in sweden. back to nc next year. anyway, here's an update on my adventure getting here...

it began thursday morning with the threat of a snow and ice storm in nc. i went to work, kept checking the weather forecast, and decided i needed to leave early. so, i booked a flight out of charlotte on thursday (my original plan was to leave friday). i ran home and packed like a crazy person, and headed off to charlotte. i must have snatched up the very last seat on the flight to newark, new jersey, because i was in the middle on the back row, and the plan was completely full! i wondered if we would make it, because i worry waaaay too much on flights, but the woman (who turned out to be a man) sitting beside me with her hood up had her ipod playing the whole time we took off - and you are not supposed to do that! thankfully, i landed safely and headed off to my hotel at the airport to rest...yeah right...too excited!

my almost-24-hour stay in nj was quite pleasant. i had my own, private driver to my hotel, a fantastic room, and time to relax! i slept in friday morning, checked my bag in on friday afternoon, and then hung out for some hours in the airport. everywhere i went, there were cheerful, pleasant, friendly people. not the cold, unfriendly, holiday-crazed people you always hear about. maybe i was just lucky.

i boarded the plane at 5, and sat there for 2 and a half hours before we took off!!! yep. 2 and a half hours. there was a "mechanical problem"...WHAT?!?! i was an emotional wreck. after finally leaving nj, the flight was pretty uneventful (whew) and i think i even slept a little. however, arriving one and a half hours late, was not exactly what i'd hoped for. but, arriving safely was definitely a good thing.

i LOVE airport reunions!!! after our traditional hello rituals, my love and i hopped on a train to stockholm central, and then on to the bus to norrköping. it was snowing and a winter wonderland all around. yay! i took a shower, ate some chinese for dinner, and then rested. it was a quiet, cozy night and so good to be with my love again!

today we were up early and headed to church. lina was singing in a choir (and singing solo too. yes, i am proud!) we came back home and had fika with more friends and family. now, it's wrapping gifts (lina's doing it. hehe. i'm writing this) and christmas music time. later on we're planning to watch a movie. cozy, cozy, cozy!

i know i don't have any pictures to show you now. i will have some tomorrow! so many things to show you americans...swedish traditions and celebrations. we have a full list of things to do, so there will be many opportunities for picture-taking!

until then...peace to you all.

Postat av: Cicci

Välkommen till Sverige!!

Nice to read that you arrived safely. Send all my love to Lina =)


2009-12-20 @ 20:49:03

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