merry christmas, world!

It's been a cozy Swedish Christmas so far... The big celebration is on Christmas Eve here in Sweden. Yesterday we woke up mid-morning, ate a traditional breakfast including ham, porridge, and coffee. We had candles lit, Christmas music playing, & made last minute preparations for the day. We headed out into the snow and to my love's sisters' family for the afternoon. There we ate aaaallll day (love it!), watched traditional Donald Duck cartoons. Yes, the whole population of Sweden gathers around the tv at 3 to watch Disney cartoons. We had fika & then the highlight... Santa Claus (Tomten) came bringing gifts for everyone! The kids (and me) were so excited!! More candy & food, and then more laughing, Christmas music, candles, and cozy times. We ended the day with a traditional American Christmas movie and some wine & chips. Me like! It was a fantastic day!! Today... Christmas Day!! I called my parents at 1(7am in the states). It was a little weird to wake up & not run downstairs to open gifts, but there was more to look forward to here. And it's really good to experience something new. We have had a good dinner again today, and are soon gonna watch a movie. It's snowing, candles are lit, & music is playing. Another cozy Swedish day. Pictures to come later! Merry Christmas to you all!! Love from Liz & Lina.


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