farm girl or city girl?

for the past week, we have been exiled from our cute, cozy, city apartment to the beautiful, remote, cozy farm. it was an unexpected "vacation" (although i worked, i.e. drove 45 minutes every morning and afternoon) brought on by the little mouse that would not leave our apartment. zola (the cat) did nothing to help us catch the mouse. all she did was run with it, kick it, and chase it. ugh. so, we packed up our stuff and zola's stuff, set 12 mousetraps, contacted the apartments' office, and vacated our home.

while we were on the farm, we helped my dad set up a new tv. very cool. watched some awesome movies. the soloist, little miss sunshine, and began watching the first 2 episodes of the first season of true blood. yep. we bought the whole season. be jealous. we're addicted.

we also drove like crazy people a few times - trying to get to town to run errands before everything was closed. it's a long way out in the middle of the country(side). we had some cozy, rainy nights. made pizza. mmm. and yep. we herded cattle. that's right. we put on our boots, walked down the dirt road, and coaxed 2 big cows back into the field where they belong. mmm. hmm. i'm a country girl inside.

ok. maybe not. today we came back home!!!!! we dropped zola off at the vet to have her bathed and to get her some medicine and headed home to do some intense cleaning. now it smells and looks so good in here. yay. and zola is exhaused too, so she's curled up on the sofa with us as we sit - glued and addicted to our computers. that's right. there was no real internet access on the farm.

tomorrow it's back to work (today was a workday - and i didn't work. hehe.). but only 2 days, and then it's weekend! tomorrow it's back to being a city girl. feels good. and yet, the time on the farm was really great too. perhaps i really do need a little of both in my life. and how amazing is it that in my life that i am able to enjoy the city and the farm?! not only that, but i am so blessed to have family in 2 countries. i have the joy (and great sorrow too) of traveling back and forth between NC and Sweden! so many people dream of simply visiting one place or the other, and i am back and forth all the time. wow. what a life. i don't have to choose. country. yes! city. yes! usa? yes! europe? yes! i have it all. everything. and my true home is wherever my love is.


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