i stayed home today. i didn't feel great. and i needed sleep. so, i slept. and rested. my love did school work, zola (our cat) slept under the bed. i ate some, and now i'm gonna sleep some more after eating a little.

but i did do one productive thing today. i read a book. becoming chloe. and it inspired me. it was the story of a homeless, young man who meets and cares for a very troubled young woman. after living with an old man for a year, they take off across the country - in search of beauty. jordy's challenge is to prove to chloe that the world is beautiful. she has always lived in the midst of darkness and ugliness. now, they are on the road pointing out all the grand and simple beautiful things. what an amazing story of love and beauty!

wouldn't it be a great idea to write down, as chloe did, all of the beauty we see in a day?!
the beauty today:
  • a cat sleeping cozy in my love's lap
  • a loving phone call
  • a long nap in the afternoon


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