it's true. i'm indecisive. and i have been changing my blog about a million times. the design. the address. everything. but, nothing was what i wanted and i was trapped by the pre-planned designs of the websites i was using. what to do, what to do...

well, lina has an amazing blog that she has been in the process of redesigning. now it looks really amazing! (click on her name on the left side of my blog to check it out). turns out nothing could be better than to have my own personal blog designer! that's right. in my desperate attempt to express myself and my continuous failure to find the right image to capture "me", i turned to my love to help me out in my time of need. and i am satisfied. no. not satisfied...esctatic! thrilled! now my blog feels like home. feels like me. love it.

so, welcome!

i chose the style and the title after being inspired by a book, Becoming Chloe. the more i thought about it, though, the more i realized that this style, this design, this image is me. it is about becoming. i have often said that my faith centers around the belief that we all are created in the image of the Divine. every human. and what is more important in life, than discovering little by little, moment by moment, who we are and who we are created to be. and as we discover this on our journeys in life, we are inspired by and inspire others. as we contemplate who we are, we discover that we are not alone. and we realize exactly how we are all connected.

life is our journey of becoming. and this blog, is a way for me to first, reflect for myself on who i am and who i am becoming through all of the moments of my life. and it is, second, my invitation for you to journey with me, not discovering who i am (though i am sure you will discover things about me), but discovering for yourself who you are.

it's time, today, to live life. to feel the wind in our hair. to laugh deeply. to love unconditionally. to enjoy every moment. to be. to become.


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