make-over:IKEA style

we did it! we've been dreamin' and wishin' for about a year now. we've planned and planned, designed and discussed. how awesome would it be if we could get some furniture from IKEA and add it to our apartment?! well, as a result of our 2 spontaneous trips to IKEA this weekend, we did just that! my love and i spent all evening and night putting together new furniture, taking apart old furniture, organizing, arranging, and decorating our apartment. and it looks amazing! love it.

can't wait to share it with others! wish everyone could come over. the door's open! stop by anytime!! we wanna share our home.

pics to come soon.

Postat av: Cicci

Well, joze and I have plans for next year, around springtime... We'll see what happens =)


2009-09-22 @ 21:40:37
Postat av: Ulrika

Saw some pics at Lina's page. Looks really really cozy and nice. We hope to come see for our selves Micke and I some day. Take care and have a great weekend. Kramar Ulrika

2009-09-26 @ 10:19:59

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