time to mix it up

i tend to get bored easily. i don't really like routine so much, or i get tired of a routine pretty fast. so, having worked for the past 2 and a 1/2 weeks with the same schedule, i have reached my limit. hehe. it's time for a little change in my daily routine. luckily, a little change is coming tomorrow. we have an early release day (the students go home at 1:00, however teachers do not. meh). still, it's something different. yay!

at home, i need a little change too. but, i've got plans. oh yeah. thanks to zola, actually. the other day she was hanging out on the porch, i was inside talking with my love, and i heard a noise. i looked out and found zola OUTSIDE of the porch, in the wild, free!! that crazy, cute, determined little cat had busted right through the screen door so she could get out! i freaked out, but i was able to get her and bring her inside. (she is not an outside cat at all!). anyway. that's the background...

once my love is with me in june, we are having guests to stay with us some nights. and we'll all be spending lots of time hanging out on the porch with the doors open. that is definitely not gonna work with zola. so, the only place zola can be is in the downstairs room (where there is a door to make sure she doesn't get out on the porch). however, that is a guest room right now. i'm sure that our guests will not want zola in their room, so, it seems like this is a great opportunity for me to move from the upstairs room to the downstairs room! think i'm gonna start moving things over the next few days and make it a cozy place. so, thanks zola, for giving me a "reason" to make a little change at home.

yep. time to mix it up a little!

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Well, you could also get a leash for her with a long rope so that she could be outside some too. If you tie it to the porch somehow and the door is open she can choose if she wants to be outside or go inside. Just keep an eye on hear so that she dosnt entangle herself.



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you're so funny Liz. great that it's being a change in the schedule. :-) love you.

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