welcome, first family!

on friday president obama, first lady michelle obama, and their girls, malia and sasha, will visit asheville for a weekend vacation!!

pic of downtown asheville from here

i'm so proud and excited that the obama's are visiting my home city! now, if only i could catch a glimpse of the plane as it comes in, or the motorcade of cars as they pass by...dreaming. but, the family is here to stay at the grove park inn this weekend and enjoy some relaxing family time. and doesn't everyone deserve time with their family? so, no public appearances will be made. still, just knowing that the president and his family are in my city is an amazing feeling!

welcome, obamas!!

family picture from here

Postat av: Lina

That is so freaking cool! But we all know, Asheville is the place to be :-) Love.

2010-04-23 @ 09:01:12
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