i've seen a ghost

the past haunts me like a ghost. it seems like i can't get rid of bad habits. it seems like i can't forget past hurts. it seems like old fears won't leave me. and i drag it all from the past into my present. and it causes more pain. why can't i get rid of it? why can't i heal it? why won't it go away? how do i make the ghosts of the past disappear? i want them all to be gone. i wanna learn from my mistakes and not repeat them. i wanna heal all the wounds that remain open. and i wanna conquer everything that scares me. i want to love unselfishly, move on from the pain, and trust rather than seek complete control. and i want it all to happen now. i don't want to be broken and flawed (silly, i know). i don't want to make mistakes (impossible, i know). and i want the ghosts to fade away. i just want to live and give love. i have an unbelievable life and i am so in love with an amazing person, why do the ghosts haunt me?


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