one long day (for me & my love)

what a monday. a long one.

me: after a week of crazy weather and unexpected snow days(in the states and sweden), i headed back to work today...for a full day of school. no delays, no early dismissals, just a regular day. as regular as my job gets. one of my kids is in jail (again), i think. another one drove me crazy and i briefly lost my patience. i'm not perfect. one kid talked with me for a long time as he considered dropping out of school. why? because there is so much other stuff going on in his life. he needs to make money to take care of his family (no one else can work). school isn't doing anything for him right now. he has other priorities. who can argue with that? and why are 16 year olds faced with the decision to go to school or take care of their family? one student said she dreams of being a social worker, and she told me that i taught her to dream big, that she can be anything she wants. really? i taught her that? wow. another kid needed to talk to me about his weekend, and i couldn't. i just didn't have enough time, or enough of me to go around. one guy came to school late because he was high. oh these kids of mine. their lives are so hard. i pray that i am helping in some way. needless to was a long day back at work. what will tomorrow bring?

my love: it was a long day for my love for completely different reasons (sort of). she worked the night shift from sunday-monday. that's always intense and exhausting. and then, after a quick trip home, she headed to the train station only to find out that her first train was delayed and she would miss her second train from stockholm to Östersund. STRESS!! she did miss the second train, but luckily it was worked out that she would take another train to another city, then the bus to Östersund...which would have her arriving about midnight. in stockholm, she treated herself to a chai latte (mmm) and set a trend hanging out near the train. people started started to hang out there with her. that's my girl! 5 cool points. she rode on the train (quite bored for a while), got on the bus, and arrived in Östersund late monday night after traveling for a total of about 9-10 hours. thinking about taking a taxi for a while, she decided to just walk to where she is staying. so she headed off...uphill, late at night, in the snow, with all her bags, having to pee, and then had to find the key to get in. she did. whew. and immediately made her bed, got in, and called me. what a long, stressful, exhausting day. i told her good night and she was probably asleep as soon as she hung up. she needed it. it's a school day tomorrow, and my love is gonna be a traditional student for a few days. hehe.

so, we may be thousands of miles apart, but monday was a long day for both of us. it would be so great to be together this evening, to relax and take care of each other. but love exists no matter where we are. and we made it through this long day...together.


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