spring break comes early

ok. i am home again today. no school. yay. or not. i can't decide. you see, in order to be able to miss this day of school, the school system had to find a day we could use to make up the missed one. today's missed day will be made up on friday, april 9. the last day of spring break. so, my spring break vacation just lost 3 days (i will have to travel home on thursday instead of sunday). ugh.

therefore, i am celebrating spring break all day today. i mean, it IS one of my spring break holidays now. it doesn't matter that it is sleeting, raining, and snowing outside. i have another cozy day inside. gonna read some, clean some, listen to some music, work on some paperwork a little, and hopefully talk to my love some after she gets home from work.

so, it's gonna be a good holiday today. i'm gonna make it good.

a few memories from last year's amazing spring break...

our campsite in the keys!

the world's smallest and coolest bar!

my love's favorite tree!

crazy, amazing, greasy breakfast restaurant in islamorada

we made a spontaneous 3-day trip to my parents' beach house in nc on our way home

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awesome, crazy and funny memories. love. KRAMAR

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