today: another snow day

it has been a crazy, crazy winter. it never snows this much in nc! and i know that the snow in sweden (my other home) has had unbelievabe snow too. anyway. we've missed so much school, there are saturday school days planned for later on in the year. meh. so, today is a "saturday" for me! what am i gonna do? think i'll check out a few stores/places in asheville. today is also a day when i'm wishing my love was with me so we could hang out together in some fun, funky places (can't wait till summer, by the way). i'm in a fun, funky, hippie, peace-lovin' kinda mood today. so, that kinda mood calls for me to head over to the urban hippie city of asheville. oh yeah. there's not that much snow here... it is nc, ya know.

peace out.


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