friday night

it's friday night, and i'm not really in a social mood. that's not a bad thing, i'm just tired. so, i've retreated to my computer with a glass of wine by my side. i just wanna relax... well i decided to play around with my blog just to see what i could do (i really stink at changing things) and this is what's happened to it...a green background that i love! i do know how to get it back to the brown, though. but i can't figure out out to play around with my header. well, i can get it to disappear and reappear, but i have no idea how to make any changes. hehe. how do i write something new on my header? or change my picture? hmm... just playing, though.

another thing on my mind is that today is my 2 month anniversary with my love. we've been married 2 months now! love it. love it. love it! can't wait to be married and living in the same country. isn't it amazing what happens in a year? last year on this weekend, my love and i took a road trip to atlanta to see missy higgins in concert and ended up falling in love with the opening act...lenka. her music is so unique and reminds me of an amazing year with my love. in honor of this past year and of the amazing, crazy year to's a lenka favorite:


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