where can i go?

i wanna travel the world.

ok. that shouldn't be a surprise to many people who know me, but let me explain why this feeling is overwhelming me today... i've been living in some february time-warp for the past week due to snow, ice, no school, and surprise vacation days from work. since february started about a week ago (i think), i have had no idea what day it really is, what i am supposed to be doing, or how to focus... i have read a book, written some, listened to music, pondered my passion in life, talked on msn, been to work a little, watched a crapload of tv, and slept some. today, i have focused on travel programs on tv. i've kinda settled into this pondering, being kind of existence, but sadly, i believe that today is gonna be my last day of my time-warp holiday.

perhaps it's due to some form of cabin fever, though i don't really feel restless, or perhaps it's due to having way to much time to think and just be... but i am having this uncontrollable desire to travel. i mean really travel. pack up what i need in a backpack, grab my camera and my journal/computer, swing by sweden and get my love, and then take off!

where do i wanna go? everywhere! i want to meet crazy, interesting people. see ancient, old places. explore beautiful architecture and nature. hear different kinds of music and taste new foods. i want to take it all in, soak it all up, photograph it, and write about it all. i want to travel because i want to experience this amazing world and share it with others through my writing. i want to inspire people to try something new, meet someone new, and expand their minds. i want to travel for peace. don't you think that if we travel and open ourselves up to new things we become more open and accepting? then we realize that we are not that different from one another, and become willing to work with each other. and then...we are creating peace and justice in this world. i really believe in this.

i want to travel!


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