first day

the beginning of a new semester is really the first day of school all over again. new classes. new students (and some of the same ones too). new goals. new ideas. i love the change of routine and the challenge of the first day.

actually, my day went quite well! it started early this morning with a long, fun talk with my love...getting me in a great mood for work. the class that was destined to be the hardest, was enjoyable. exhausting kids need so much help. and the rest of the day was surprising as well, with some students working harder than i have seen them work before. seems like the kids needed the change of a new semester also. but, i guess, it's always good to have a fresh start, a clean slate. i think that's when we feel hope and excitement.

here's my desk with the necessities of a school day... computer, lesson plans, calendar, coffee!!, my favorite pens, journal, my iPhone (for international updates. hehe. and other work calls too...), and a coke.

this semester, the theme for my class is growth, symbolized by a tree (you can see it on my computer screeen). i am challenging and expecting my students to grow as individuals, as students, and as global citizens. i want them to reflect on who they are and how they interact with others, discover how they learn and how to overcome the challenges in their lives, and open their minds to learning not just facts, but what it means to be a human living in this world. i want them to know that someone does care for them, they are not alone, and that the most amazing gift is the opportunity to care for someone else.

while i want to see them grow, i am certain that i will grow in many ways as well. what will we all learn?

welcome, spring semester!


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