friday night

i am spending my friday night relaxing after a really long week. has it been a difficult week everywhere around the world?

the school week lasted forever. some of my co-workers faced some really difficult things this week. big time stress! my kids were quite good, thank goodness. but, the other events of the week were crazy. it's amazing how the attitudes/frames of mind of other people affected my attitude. i had to work really hard to be aware of my feelings of stress and realize that it was not my stress, but that i was taking on the stress/frustrations of others. as soon as i could realize that, then i could return to a more calm and peaceful way. it is not healthy to take on the pain others are feeling. it's good to sympathize, but not to let it eat you up as well. easier said than done. by today, i really needed it to be friday. watching others freak out about stress was exhausting me emotionally.

and my kids, while they were good... they are so focused on violence all the time...talking about beating each other up, getting revenge, playing around like they are shooting each other, listening to negative lyrics on their iPods. why so much violence? how can i teach them peace, compassion, and non-violence? sometimes it feels like i am banging my head up against a wall...

the earthquake in haiti. such suffering. injustice. death. pain.

it just seems like everyone has had a tough week.

so, i'm really glad it's friday. now, 3 days (for those of us who are americans - martin luther king, jr. holiday on monday) of rest and relaxation. think i'm gonna sleep alot, perhaps take a walk, write some more, and take some pictures. maybe even a little shopping... oh! and i'm gonna work on my residence permit application for sweden! i plan to enjoy this weekend and just be.

right now...a glass of wine, a good movie, and bed soon. g'night!


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