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the spring semester begins tomorrow at the high school where i teach!! yay! it seems as if january has dragged on and on (i am aware that we have one more week to go still). i am ready to check this month off my list and get moving on to february. checking off months is what i'm living for these days. i am seriouisly trying to get to june. and the beginning of the spring semester finally means that it's downhill now until school is out.

now, i realize that this seems like a sad, pathetic existence...and definitely not the way to live in the present moment. well, i am trying hard to live in the moment daily because i can only take things one day at a time. but, i am completely focused on june. and i excuse my somewhat sad existence and my focus on the future because it is not easy to be away from the one you love. it breaks my heart daily to not share life with my love, especially after we have lived together for the past year and a half. it feels empty...everything i do. the thing is, it's not like we can see each other on the weekends, or even every 3 weeks or so. it's different countries, with an ocean and a crapload of money for an airplane ticket in between. it is not possible for us to see each other until june unless we win the lottery.

yes. i am complaining and feeling sorry for myself. but, it hurts. however, i would not trade anything about the relationship that my love and i have. it is worth every single moment apart and together, every single tear and laugh. it is an amazing, strong love...perhaps due to the extreme emotions we feel and circumstances in which we live. again, i would not wish for anything else!

back to the spring semester... have i mentioned that it begins tomorrow?! so, tonight i'm getting ready for my students. planning, organizing, creating, deciding how i can be a better and more inspiring teacher. it's time for me to get back to work now... a new semester begins! i'm coming, june!

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i'm trying and working hard to get to june too...love you so freaking much and you rock as a teacher! love you with all i am. kramar

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