the asheville groove

i must sleep. the jet lag has set in. but, it's been so great to have had 2 good days at work to help me get back into the groove of everyday reality in the states. to begin with, it's been snowing here a little and really cold. enough to give us a 2 hour delay monday and tuesday. i admit that enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning, taking my time getting ready, and leaving at 8:45 is something i could get used to. but, i have a feeling it will be a normal day tomorrow. nevertheless, it has been so helpful in re-adjusting to workdays after such a fantasticly (yep. i think i just made up that word) relaxing holiday. students have been really great! enjoyable, even! one of them, who has some significant behavior issues, actually asked me to walk with him to class (long story...i have to escort him everyday, but he has done well for the past month and earned some more freedom), and we had a great discussion as we walked together. another student stopped by my room and asked me if i could help him with a project tomorrow (this kid never wants to do work, misses school because he is in jail lots of times). it was weird in a good way today. but, i cherish these little moments that remind me why i do what i do.

so, even though it's been tough emotionally for the past 3 days, daily life has been kind to me. or perhaps it's just my perspective. i guess we can choose our attitudes. and even though i feel empty and somewhat alone; even though nothing is completely right when i'm away from my love, there are little things all around that, if i notice, have the ability to bring a tiny smile to my face. relaxing mornings, friendly students, messages of support & celebration from friends, dinner with family, my love's amazing voice and constant presence...all these things help me get back into the asheville groove. they remind me that all shall be well.

now. sleep... peace.


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