powerful expectations

Today is Palm Sunday in the Christian Church, and I love this day because it's full of contradictions and unexpected events.
"Here comes Jesus", shout all the Jews in Jerusalem, "Finally! He has come to save us, to fight the terrible Roman oppressors. The Savior has come! Now, we're gonna get 'em! They're gonna get what's coming to them! And Jesus is gonna lead the way!"

Do you think any of the people in the crowd realized that Jesus was coming into town, through the crowded streets of palm-waving, hosanna-shouting people, riding on a donkey? I mean, didn't that register with anyone? Here's their (hopefully) powerful, fearless leader, who's gonna take over & fight the Romans, and he's on a donkey. It's not even a horse! Shouldn't he be in a black suburban with tinted windows and secret service agents all around to protect him?! But, no, it's a boring, slow, stupid donkey. Didn't anyone think that was weird, or was disapponted that this parade only had a lame donkey in it? Didn't anyone notice the strangeness of this situation? The Expected One was trotting in on a donkey. 

Perhaps it's unfair of me to judge the crowd. I know that the week ends with the a crucifixion of their expected leader. The crowd didn't have that knowledge. Maybe also they were so into their agenda, when & how they thought Jesus was going to overthrow the Romans, that they just got caught up in the mob mentality and didn't care that it was a donkey and not a flashy, expensive entrance. Still, they were so wrapped up in shouting "Hosanna!" that they didn't realize what true power looked like. On the other hand, didn't they do exactly the opposite of what we would do today? We would realize that the One that we had put all our hopes in was only on a donkey, and then we would turn away...feeling let down and disappointed. The Jews on that day still believed in the power that Jesus had to save them from their oppression - even though he was on a donkey. They were desperate for hope. However, a few days later, when it didn't turn out the way they had envisioned it, they turned on the Expected One, and he was put to death.

The crazy contradictions and challenges are what I appreciate about today. I am reminded that true power is not where we expect it, or how we expect it. Real power and success, and even freedom, come not from money, hatred, domination, violence, intimidation, fear, control, threats, or the ability to win what "your side" wants to have in the new health care law. Real power comes almost unnoticed and definitely not admired in society... meek, simple, peaceful, calm, ordinary, determined, non-violent, open, forgiving, and humble. Real power comes ready to lead by serving. Real power, real heroes, real love comes in simply on a donkey and never gives up... no matter what. Even though the darkest darkness lies a few days ahead, real power, real heroes, real love knows and trusts that light always, always follows the dark.
Love always wins. And it never wins in the way we expect it to. But, it always wins.      


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