blue, not green

yes. i feel blue tonight. and i should be green! i've asked around for the last few days, and none of my friends are able to go grab a guiness to celebrate st. patrick's day tonight. meh. so, i decided to sieze the day and live life anyway...i stopped by the grocery store to get some irish beer to have with my dinner at home. (i had changed my plans to make dinner and have a cozy night at home). i got the food at the grocery store and made my way to the beer & wine section... WHAT?! there is NO beer and wine section in the store where i stopped!! unbelieveable. so, since this was the only store on the way home, no irish celebration for me. i tried to make the most of a not so great evening, and even that didn't work. i feel ugh.

time to refocus...

i have thought a little about st. patrick, the person, today. what i love most about this guy from the 400s, is his desire to meet people where they are. after being a slave in ireland, patrick returned to his captors to share love and hope. i don't really care why he did what he did. what i care about is how he did it. patrick decided to live with the irish, learn about their customs and culture, and then share with them the love that he knew about. the point is, he didn't come in telling them that they should be like him. rather, he met them exactly where they were, respected who they were, and because they built a relationship of respect and trust, love was shared. this is how i believe that hope and peace are created in a world filled with many different types of people.

i hope that i live like st. patrick. in my current role as a teacher of gang members, pregnant teens, disabled students, and kids with horrible home situations, i hope that i meet them where they are. i hope i respect them for who they are and then share with them the belief that there is someone who cares. i hope that a little bit of love and peace soak into their lives.

yes. i'm still disappointed and a little sad tonight. it's not how i wanted this night to be. but, to stop and think about patrick, the person, reminds me that i have nothing to complain about. i have everything. who am i to feel sorry for myself? i may feel alone, but i am not. and so many people are.

so, happy st. patrick's day to everyone. may we all recognize the joy and promise in every moment. even the tough ones. may we acknowledge and never take for granted the love that we have in our life. and, may we always respect each other, accept our differences, and believe in the possibility of peace.


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