i can't take it anymore!

it's not about those of us who have health insurance. it's about our brothers and sisters who don't have it!

i have heard over and over today that the vote tonight on the health care reform bill that extends health insurance to all people is not the will of the people. what?! who does not want everyone to have health insurance? and why? why would you not want all people to have access to the same that you have?! seriously? isn't another's life as important as yours? and why are we debating about a basic right to equality?

well, i suppose it's because we americans (sadly) do not really believe in equality. we believe in money, power, and success. i have heard people say that we should not reward those who don't help themselves. you know, america is built on the belief that we "pull ourselves up by our bootstraps", and if we are not strong enough to help ourselves, then too bad. we can't just hand out insurance. and if we do, then we will have to pay/lose some of our money that we've worked hard to get for ourselves. let's be honest. money. that's what this is all about. in this individualistic country, we all want to make as much money for ourselves as possible. and if you don't make as much as me, or if you don't make any at all, then too bad for you. i have worked hard. so i earned this. and i am blessed with benefits and health insurance. and i'm not sharing it with you, who have not worked at all. therefore, you don't deserve it.

but, then again, did i give you any real opportunities so that you might learn to help yourself?

you see, where we are messing up is in our belief system. instead of honoring and seeing the worthiness of a person because their humanity,  we are judging and rewarding based people on power, money, education, gender, age, race, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, health, and disability. until we see that health insurance is a right of a human being and not a privilege, we will be lost. i'm pretty sure that the teenage girl in my class who just found out she is pregnant deserves to have health insurance simply because she is a human being! did she make a mistake? yes. does she need to be responsible for the consequences of her actions? yes. but, does she not also deserve love, support, equality, and health insurance to enable and empower her to give her child the best that she can? does she not deserve, simply because she is a human being, the chance to seize an opportunity, a second chance, and the education she needs in order to become an amazing mother, even in the midst of her difficult times? why do we want to punish humans who struggle? i do not understand this. i do not understand why some in congress continually say that we are disgracing our founding fathers and mothers. how are we letting them down by loving others and seeking a better life for all people? i remember something in our constitution that says that all people have a right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"...

so, on this night, as i watch these debates in congress...and the voting is now beginning. please, house members, please, for the sake of all people - of all nationalities around the world - vote YES for health care reform. let's honor human beings and work for equal rights and justice for all.

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Amen to that Sister!! (even though I am not an american). Vi saknar dig här i Sverige, Kramar!

2010-03-24 @ 08:32:06
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