IKEA idag!

yep. i'm headed to IKEA with my friend, j today! it's been a long time since my last trip in the fall. gotta get a few things, and of course, the only place i can get exactly what i want is at IKEA. i know, i'm a shopping snob. *wink wink* it's gonna be really fun, i think, but weird at the same time. my love won't be with me and whenever i am in IKEA these days, i never know if i am in sweden or the states. hihi. IKEA looks exactly the same here... i mean everything is the same except the language on the signs. i'm missing sweden, so, i'm gonna give myself a little "swedish fix" today. yay! looking forward to seeing what the day brings!
mmm... my favorite!! and it's on my list!

IKEA in charlotte, nc, usa


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