even zola's been waiting anxiously for the weather to change...

think i'm gonna celebrate spring by heading downtown asheville for a few hours with a friend. yay! then, perhaps a walk to take some pictures. who knows? but, mother nature has given us a beautiful first day of spring in nc, so i'm gonna enjoy it before bad & cold weather comes again tomorrow. (thinking of all my people in sweden still suffering with snow and winter...).

happy spring!

Postat av: Cicci

Well, you don't have to worry. Spring has arrived even in parts of Sweden :) Here in Gothenburg we have streets free from snow and crocus in the garden!


2010-03-21 @ 23:26:48
Postat av: Liz

Yay! Glad to hear that you can see a little of spring arriving too. =) Can't wait for you and J to come to NC this summer! So exciting! Kram till dig.

2010-03-22 @ 01:55:59

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