sunday night

it's raining, and there's a little bit of a thunderstorm going on too making it a cozy night. i've got hgtv on and i'm watching house hunters (a show about choosing what house or apartment to buy out of three choices. love it.). gonna go to sleep pretty early tonight even though i haven't done alot today. i just feel like resting. (well, i did have a six  day work week at school - that's a lot of time with teenagers - and a few intense meetings) spent some time with my parents this afternoon. watched basketball on tv tonight. talked a little with my love at various times throughout the day. i miss her so much. just wanna be with her so badly right now.

heard a song on a commercial and i loved it. so, after a few clicks on the keyboard, i found it on youtube. it's actually one of my favorite singers from american idol last season. the song makes me think of my amazing wife and the amazing life that we have already shared, and all of the time that is just around the corner. soon, it's forever. and i'm so in love. anyway. here's the song. i love it.

Postat av: Lina

Love the music!!! Makes me smile some, and a funny thing is that he looks like a Swedish Idol singer (you know, Mariette...hehe, guess it's the dreads...). Miss hgtv, big time. Gosh, I could have it on the whole days and not get tired of it. Love.

2010-03-29 @ 09:46:20

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