it has been an unbelievable, bizarre winter (as i have written about before). i woke up this morning about 5 different times. four of them were because of work: my regular alarm, a text saying school/work was delayed two hours, a phone call from the school system, and then a second alarm. that second alarm now actually has a name on my iPhone. it is called "2 hour delay day". there have been more days than not that begin like this.

*update in the middle of my blog*
just got a phone call saying that school are now closed.
they changed their mind...again! it's the third day in a row of no school.
more snow fell last night and i guess it was just too much for us to make it.
wow. this is unbelievable.

back to what i was saying (with a little twist/change now)... with all of these last minute decisions, changes in weather causing changes in schedules, days off of work, school on saturday, shortened school days, weird schedules when we are actually in school, missing classes, rescheduling meetings, and so on, it is impossible to count on anything. one of my co-workers and i were talking on monday about how our brains cannot comprehend what has been going on for over 2 months now. there is no night that we can go to sleep without wondering what might happen in the morning. we can't count on anything. not to mention, the students (especially autistic ones) have no consistency and it is causing more behavior problems. actually, all of us are suffering from heightened behavior problems...seriously. the stress level among my co-workers (and me) is really high. we have no routine and no expectations now. the learning/working environment has been compromised...big time.

all this to say that because of these circumstances, i am learning an old lesson all over again. life must be taken one day at a time. savor each moment that's good. face each moment that's painful. but take them all one moment at a time. plan for tomorrow, remember yesterday, but seize today. each day brings plenty of sorrow and plenty of joy. there are days i can't wait to be over and days i never want to end. but, each of them are the days that make up my life. while, i may get frustrated at the uncertainty of life, it also excites me and reminds me that the moments of life, the days of life are sacred. they are holy. and not knowing what comes next challenges me to stay open, to keep growing, and to hold on. more importantly, i remember to embrace the day - whatever it brings.

this bizarre, crazy winter is frustrating. still, these are the days of my life. it's up to me to soak up each day as it comes or not. so, today, i choose to soak up the quiet, relaxing moments. work will come again soon enough.


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