happy mother's day!

today my dad and i took my mom to the grove park inn (where president & mrs. obama stayed a few weeks ago) for a mother's day brunch! it was amazing and there was tons of food. we did a little (hehe) shopping after our meal, and then headed back home because we were exhausted from all the eating and shopping. love it. i talked with my love for a little while - by the way, 4 weeks from today we are reunited! - and then, i completely cleaned and organized my room...finally done!
now, it's time for bed so i can be ready for another week starting tomorrow.
happy mother's day, mom!!

Postat av: Lina

wish i could have been there. miss you all so much...The carrot cake, peacan pie, chocolate cake and cheese cake look all amazing, YUMMY! love you!!! PUSS

2010-05-10 @ 08:09:08
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Postat av: Ulrika

One day you just have to take me and Micke to that foodplace ;) Thanx for the message at fb, has been a crazy weekend here, so I'll answere as soon as I "orkar" :) Take care! Miss ya! Kram

2010-05-16 @ 12:10:48
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