celebrating my love

sometimes i am just overwhelmed. and i mean in a good way.

today my love is having a birthday party (her b-day was this past thursday) with her family in sweden. they are gathering to celebrate her, and i love that. the only problem is that i can't be with them. i can't stop thinking about her today, so here's my celebration of her... from the states.

i'm overwhelmed because i am so lucky to be married to my love. she is an amazing woman. here are just a few reasons of how she has overwhelmed me (and this is just from today!): when my ghosts appear, she listens to me, talks with me, and reassures me. she is a caring and creative hostess when throwing a party. she's the winner of a blog contest in norrkoping because of her willingness to stand up and talk about truth and equality in her every day life! she is graduating with a degree in social work from her university in about 2 weeks! she's compassionate, loving, intelligent, determined, strong, gifted, and so much more. she inspires me. and my love grows deeper every day. yep. she's my baby!! and i am the luckiest person in the world!

oh yeah. and she's gonna be with me in about two weeks!

my love, today i celebrate you, your life, and how you have changed mine! älskar dig!

Postat av: Lina

i'm touched and so full of love. you're my everything. älskar dig! kramar och pussar!

2010-05-23 @ 10:23:33
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Postat av: Liz

my baby, you are my life! and i am so in love. puss puss puss!

2010-05-24 @ 02:37:36
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Postat av: Tobbe, -

Hejsan, Allt bra? :)

Ha en bra Måndag.

Kram Tobbe..

2010-05-24 @ 03:29:56
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