a snowy swedish christmas

as promised, here are some pictures of what's going here in sweden as we prepare for christmas (better late than never. hehe.)

i am so happy and excited to be here! it is amazing to experience christmas in another culture where many things are the same (but with a swedish twist) and a few things are different. the most wonderful thing is to be able to spend christmas with the one you love.

here we go...

the tram stop...it's how we get downtown. icy and snowy.

a beautiful winter scene downtown.

a church downtown...we went to a christmas concert there monday evening.

typical swedish window candles. you can see them in windows all over the city. beautiful!

the view from the window at home. love it!

the christmas tree lot around the corner. that's our tree being baled!

a cozy dinner with my love.

almost done decorating!

i can hardly believe the life that i have and how much love i feel. my friends, soak in every moment. enjoy every second that takes your breath away. remember to be true to yourself and to give love...give generously, and what you will receive back is immeasurable!


Postat av: Sarah Lipham

OMG The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I'm glad you got there safely! Good call on the Thursday flight out of Charlotte! I just got my car out of the drive way yesterday and it was still scary! I hope your Christmas is Merry and Bright! Love ya Lady!


2009-12-24 @ 15:01:36
Postat av: Liz

Sarah, It is beautiful here!! Thanks for your comment. Hope you have a great Christmas!!!

2009-12-25 @ 16:07:30
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