i can't resist

i didn't see the plane land. they drove about a mile from my school (while i was working!). the closest i'm gonna get to the obamas is the security helicopters i've been hearing constantly since yesterday. and no one has any idea what they will be doing. but, thanks to youtube, i can see them ordering lunch at a restaurant very close to the apartment where my love and i lived. hehe. yes, i'm a little star-struck.

p.s. love to see the president and the first lady being so down-to-earth. and michelle's bracelets are freakin' cool!

Postat av: Lina

which restaurant is it (can't really see)..? so freakin' cool. love.

2010-04-24 @ 22:14:35
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Postat av: liz

lina: it's called 12 bones. we've never been there, but it's near the park where we used to go. puss!!

2010-04-25 @ 03:26:20
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