it's official...

...i'm ready for summer.

but, it's been a rainy, chilly monday. (ahhh...spring in the mountains). do you think that when you're looking forward to something, as it gets closer sometimes it feels further away? it's just under 6 weeks now until my love comes and 7 weeks until the school year ends and summer begins. it seems that the closer i get to this amazing time of change in my life, the more it moves away. i guess i'm just being impatient. yep. that's it. my patience is growing thin. and i'm whining now. sorry.

it's just that i want to move on... one of my co-teachers shares with me an intense desire for this school year to be over. we give each other pep talks throughout the day. when we walk into the classroom, we greet it other with the date and note how close it is to may, and then june, and then it's over. and throughout the day we remind each other that we can to make it through one minute at a time. and by 2:30 we end up meeting in our back office telling each other that we have "shut down" for the day. we wish each other well as we run out the doors together, and then we do it all again the next day. i must say that it is so great to have someone, who feels a little like i do, to help me get through the rest of the school year.

gonna get ready for bed now. tomorrow's tuesday.

my cozy bed & our cozy covers. my super cool mac (which makes it possible for me to spend some time with my love). these are things that bring me comfort.

Postat av: Nicole

My dear friend you are so right about the "the closer it gets - the further it is away". I'm with you there! I will have my final exams in September and though I keep telling myself it's not even half a year it seems to be an eternity. Time is dragging and it seems unbearable to do long distance!

The key to surviving is distraction!! Just fill your days and keep your minds busy. And then as you said, hour by hour the time is passing and the freedom is coming.

I wish you strength and many moments of joy that help through the longing.

Lots of love Nicole

2010-04-27 @ 11:40:21
Postat av: Liz

Nicole: I'm so excited for you that you are nearing the end of your studies! Although, I know it seems like forever until it is over. What are your plans after September?! Ireland, perhaps?! =) Thanks for letting me know that I am not alone in feeling more anxious (in one way) as time passes. I am thinking of you too, and also wishing you moments and days of joy in between the bliss that you feel when you are with your love. So good to hear from you!

Peace, love, and hugs /Liz

2010-04-27 @ 12:49:10
Postat av: Nicole

Well it's all undecided yet. But if Chris is not here by September I'm definitely going to Ireland. It's a lot easier for us as we don't have to do the whole visa stuff.

Thank you for being with me in thoughts! It means a lot. Hopefully seeing you soon.

Love and hugs

2010-05-01 @ 20:16:01

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