soon, sverige

tonight my emotions are quite opposite than my last post. and it feels weird to write about the sadness, emptiness, and pain i feel right now just above the post about the most amazing day of my life, and all the overwhelming, ecstatic feelings i felt then.

i am back in nc and my love, my wife, is in sweden. crazy. and it's gonna be this way for the next 5 months. it feels crappy. all i want is for us to be together. but, it will take these 5 months of preparation and separation in order to make it possible for us to be together permanently. and we believe that this is the last separation we have to face. that is what i am holding on to right now. i am working hard to train my brain to focus on that.

so, hello nc. i'll be with you alone for a while. my love will join me here in 5 months. but doesn't this time apart help me appreciate the love we have? doesn't the darkness make the light that much brighter? don't i fall in love over and over again? won't despair once again be taken over by joy? for now, though, it's winter. soon it will be spring. soon, sverige. will you wait for me?

Postat av: Nicole

My dearest friend

I just saw the amazing pictures of your wedding and was really touched by them. To see two beautiful girls that I both love dearly being so happy and glooming with joy made my heart sing.

Even sadder it is to read your recent post about the 5 month of separation. It will be a tough time that seems to go on for eternity. But your love is stronger than that and once you're reunited, the pain of the longing will be forgotten.

I wish you both only the best for you future. I'm with you in thoughts and prayer!!

Lot's of love


2010-01-04 @ 22:17:39
Postat av: liz

Nicole: Thank you so much for your kind and loving words. Yes, Lina and I are so in love, and it feels more amazing than I could ever imagine. It helps so much to have support and understanding from a friend to us both right now. It is a really tough time, but it will be so worth it! Forever with my love is definitely worth 5 difficult months! Hope your new year has started well and I wish you all the best to come! Love and prayers to you too.


2010-01-06 @ 03:07:57

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