i like you, may

it's may!!! and as my love says, "now we can say: next month!"

here's the low-down on my weekend, how i'm celebrating may so far...

went to asheville yesterday to do some birthday shopping for my love (who's birthday is this month! yay!). it was veeeery successful and i think i'm driving her crazy. hihi. i secretly love that! while i was in asheville, i talked to her once on the phone, and we were discussing how much we love the atmosphere in asheville...the hippie, open, diverse, relaxed feeling of the city. you know, it's truly a gift when you find and get to share your life with the person who completes you, accepts you, loves you, and is where you feel you belong. it's so amazing when you share the same dreams, ideas, beliefs, and values about life and what's important. i missed her so much yesterday, but it's may! soon, we'll walk the streets of asheville together again!
a typical asheville scene

today (sunday), i've starting the day pretty lazy. slept late (well, late for me. 7:30. pathetic, i know.). been hanging out with some coffee, the morning paper, zola, and my cozy covers. soon, gonna get moving and get busy. gotta clean and organize...i am in the process of making the move from the upstairs room to the downstairs room.

have a great sunday.

Postat av: Lina

Yes, you ARE driving my craxy. I'm so curious. Hihi. Love you so much. Gonna study like crazy now since I went to Mediamarkt and killes some of my study-time there. Smart, but fun! Good luck organizing everything. Love you, my all. Kramar!

2010-05-02 @ 17:00:56
URL: http://lmve.blogg.se/
Postat av: Liz

Good luck, baby! Glad you had fun being my technical girl. =) I'm soooo not doing a good job organizing. Stuck all over the computer. Hehe. Ok. Gonna do it...running out of time. Love you so freaking much! Pussar!!

2010-05-02 @ 18:06:00
URL: http://elre.blogg.se/

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